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Jo “Ladz” Ladzinski was born in Poland and currently lives in Texas. When they’re not a marketing manager for a major digital publisher, they’re an artist who loves kettlebells, writing, rewriting, bullet journaling, painting, and curling up with their Kindle learning from other authors. They cook gluten-free and listen to mid-naughts European techno and anime soundtracks.

They have been a panelist at the 2020 Nebulas Conference, 2021 Weeknight Writers Exploring Story Structure Event, 2019 & 2021 Sirens Conference, and Discon III in 2021. Their work has been featured as part of Sarah Gailey’s Building Beyond series and in v o i d j u n k issue 2.

Jo is the hypest about most things. Their debut novella, Ice Upon a Pier, releases in both ebook and paperback on April 11, 2023.


Professional Reader
50 Book Reviews

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