Music of the Write: Top 3 8Tracks

Originally, I was going to make my last post of 2015 a retrospective or a list of resolutions. But no one needs to know about the conferences, conventions, and workshops I attended and no one needs to hear about how I’m employed now. So, I decided to do a regular post on my top 3 8tracks playlists for getting words on sheets. Click the images to get to the playlists.

the dragonslayerThe Battle Scene

I should consider learning battle dynamics as a resolution because I can’t just sit down and write a battle scene. Maybe you can, but for me, it takes about five miles of running, 45 minutes of video game, and then another several hours parsing through what’s at stake and what my characters’ fighting styles are. Listening to epic fight music from established works written by those more talented sets the proper headspace. This playlist also features a few brilliant tracks from Two Steps from Hell, which makes the tracks heard on loop in movie and mobile game trailers. To arms!

quest-1340The Aesthetic

Want to feel like you’re in the middle of a sweeping epic? This playlist is right for you. It ranges from emotional climaxes, to great battle scenes, to just wandering the hillsides with your buddies. I use it to get in touch with ubiquitous themes that elevate scenes. It’s also helpful for conquering those word counts during NaNoWriMo. Or pushing through the reverse-NaNoWriMo I’ve imposed on myself. 2.7K words to go, in case anyone cares.

no one's going to take meThe Pop Playlist

And then you need something fun. All the tracks on this list can easily be described as anthems. I find myself bobbing along while my characters are doing something epic or ridiculous. It also reminds me that sometimes, I regress to the musical tastes I had in high school. But many of these songs have the protagonist going on a journey and, ultimately, that’s what most stories are: journeys. Or maybe I’m just talking up music by The Killers circa 2003. Oh nostalgia, you fiend.


What are your favorite tracks to write to? Tweet me your responses or comment below. I’ll see y’all in 2016.

Happy writing,

One thought on “Music of the Write: Top 3 8Tracks

  1. Love this! Somehow, there’s nothing as inspiring as the perfect music to writing your story. I’ve been slowly creating my own playlist, but there are like 3 songs on it. Can’t wait to listen to these.


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