Grad Life Meets Writer Life


Yeah, I haven’t blogged since the first Reading Recap, so I’m doing a quick dump on a tip that really is helping me churn some words out a day in the middle of readings, assignments, etc. I’m going to use headlines from my consumer insights class because my mind is breaking in real time.

Ideal Self

My ideal self has perfect grades, a proper sleep schedule, and can let the writing thing go entirely untouched for 15 months. My actual self? Coffee has taken the place of naps, I do well enough, I get the readings done. And then at the ripe hour of 11:00pm, my brain says, “Hey, that scene you’ve been mulling over for half a year? It’s time to get on paper. Why now? Because I said so.” Which leads to our next  heading.

Ought Self

I really should not be writing. I feel guilty when there’s words on the page, I feel guilty when school work gets to my head. The trick, I found, is to indulge both. My current writing goal is 200 words a day. It’s kind of pathetic, but it’s enough to scratch the itch and still feel “like a writer.” That’s where me combating my personal fear of absolute failure trumps physical needs like sleep and eating at sane intervals.

Looking-Glass Self

As much as I want to self-identify as a writer, there’s a sickening amount of satisfaction to being known as “the writer” (or my current identity as “blazer girl” and “the project manager”). The same way that smiling can induce a good mood, so does just telling yourself you’re a writer can help get that ass in a seat to get some words down on paper.

Enjoy balancing work and leisure,


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