Reading Recap: November 2016


Every November for me is completely occupied with either #NaNoWriMo or NaRevoMo (National Revisions Month).  This year, I had graduate school projects, like a Batman-themed video on the finances of TJX and several papers. I finished two books and I cannot wait for winter break to get my reading time back.

timesalvagerTime Salvager

What I Learned: How Time Travel Can Work

The key to making time travel work in a narrative is to not make it as a solution or the macguffin that drives the story forward. Time Salvager worked so well because it focused on the characters and their journeys, not so much about saving the past or the future. It left little room for paradoxes because of the tightness of the world-building around the salvagers. Chu is a genius at meshing the futuristic elements and making one continuous timeline. I can’t wait to finish the sequel, Time Siege, and see how James’ and Elise’s stories unfold.

AHistoryofGlitterandBlood.jpgA History of Glitter and Blood

What I Learned: Meta-stories Don’t Work for Me

I read the synopsis and was intrigued by this work. But then I got into it and really found myself put off by the story being written around the story. To me, it doesn’t work for suspending drama and, upon a second evaluation, makes some scenes creepier than they needed to be.

I did enjoy, however, the interplay of past and present tense when telling different pieces of the stories. Beckan, Cricket, Scrap, and Josha were such compelling characters, but every time the reader was reminded that the book was a work in progress by one of the characters, I lost my connection to them. I appreciate Moskowitz’s attempt at something new with the storytelling structure and I wish it worked for me.

In December, I’ll be doing the 12 Days of Holiday reading, inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas Song. From December 26th through January 5th, 2017, I’m going to try to read one book a day. We’ll see how that goes.

Happy reading,

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