I Didn’t Hate It #1

Every week, I’m going to write briefly about any writing or otherwise updates. Figured after a week of not writing would be a great place to start. Jo’s been on hiatus for 7 days, y’all.

Why “I Didn’t Hate It”? Because I’m too hard on myself all the time and it felt like an appropriate update title.

Not writing for a week has been a struggle. I feel like I’m behind and missing out on opportunities. Threads and tweets about being a “weekend warrior” go by. I feel guilty. On some level, I feel like I should be working. Personally, intellectually, and physically, I really should not be. But I’ve gotten some drafting done.

Wins include:

  • The aesthetic to a Really Difficult project bubbling in my mind about a bard falling in love with a witch
  • The lore portion of Thieves Project
  • Soft date ideas for my main character that I put through too much

I’ve likened my resting brain to a steam engine and some ideas have literally sprinted away from me. Oh well. I’ll catch them one day.

Song of the Week:I’m in Control (Instrumental)” by Lily Arciniega, adapted from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency OST

Actively Reading (Because my Currently Reading is a mess): Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

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