I Didn’t Hate It #6

Vacation in New York City has surrounded me with friends, musicals, and art with time squeezed in to work on projects like my resume and writing.


Being home is always going to be a weird experience. I’m in this nebula of being a child and being an adult that my parents can’t seem to reconcile. In response, I spend as much time out of the house as possible. Some of the things I greatly enjoyed this week were:

  • It (2017) in theaters was an awesome experience
  • Anastasia: the Musical gave me lots of princess feels
  • Sweeney Todd (the Musical) immersed me in some great gothic tragedy
  • Butts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is a list of things I put on a word document that I didn’t hate:

  • I wrote three chapters this week, which is a crazy amount of productivity for me
  • I updated my resume and I feel good about it

Favorite Line Written: “Just shut up and hold me.”

Song of the Week:Pingvinpalatset” by Dunderpatrullen from Analoga Steroider (2010)

Actively Reading: The City Stained Red by Sam Sykes

3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Hate It #6

    • I REALLY liked it. They took out all the supernatural elements from it (i.e. Bartok & Rasputin’s lich aren’t characters) but the way they repurposed the songs and brought a level of realism to the plight of Russia post-revolution was really compelling.

      Also Anastasia herself was a half-foot shorter than Dimitri & Vlad and it was precious.


      • I am absolutely jealous, that sounds incredible!! Though not surprising that they took out Bartok and the lich, even though those are some of my favorites from the animated film. But I’m glad it was awesome.


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