2018 Resolutions [Updated]

Decided to make this a page instead of a blog post so that I can find it easier. Here they are:

  1. Have Query Thieves Project Query-Ready
    • Review beta reader feedback
    • Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite
    • Write a synopsis & a query
  2. Finish a second draft of Kingdom Calling
    • Change POV from 1st to 3rd
    • Edit
    • Find beta readers
  3. Run 365 Miles Run 3 Times a Week
    • Get a gym membership
  4. Succeed at My Job
    • Start and see where it takes me
  5. Make My Bed a Phone-Free Zone
    • Get back to using Sleep Town
    • Put bed on desk instead of on dresser
  6. Be a Better Girlfriend
    • Weekly Skype dates
    • Find time to fly in/out

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