I Didn’t Hate It #24

Training about a month in a new job can be a nice opportunity to recalibrate and get back on track with what matters at work, now that the general confusion seems to have dissipated.

This week, training wasn’t bad. I exchanged numbers with someone I want to be friends with at work and now I’m going to be loaning him one of my favorites when he gets back from vacation. We’re clearly besties.

Speaking of besties, my critique partner is one more meltdown from putting me in time out from writing. I decided I’ll be taking the weekend off and curling up with some craft books. I got a new notebook just for that. Putting some distance between me and my projects might prove to be a good thing, considering I have no idea what I’m doing for either of them.

ICYMI: Reading Recap: January 2018

Song of the Week:General Error” by 047 (2009)

Actively Reading: Deathspell by Peter W. Dawes (2015)

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