Still Not Hating It Pt.1


Graphic by Chloe Neill

Figured it was time to revive this little series because holy heck, am I being impatient with myself. It’s really unfair.

With work being the way it is and me missing key people in the New York City tri-state area, I have had the hardest time keeping my energy levels up for editing.

One thing I’m trying not to sacrifice is sleep.

The other thing is that grad school, I think, took up less time per week than I thought. It was a combination of not having to be on and around others for 8+ hours a day. There was a freedom in which grad work started and ended at a certain time. I’m not going to go so far to say I miss it (it’s hard to feel the weight of anything when it’s all training simulations for future work or, in my opinion, the worst, when guests come in to hear ideas from students to implement later with nary an acknowledgement).

Work takes up a healthy 45 hours per week and that’s not counting the commute times. And it’s hard to squeeze in time for adequate nutrition, adequate sleep, a fitness regiment, and that elusive self-care thing people talk about (this is why I’m in therapy, friendos. If I’m not working, what am I even doing?).

But it’s getting there. Around 5 pages per day of getting there.

Song of the Week:Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)” by Two Steps from Hell, Unleashed (2017)

Actively Reading: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett (Forthcoming 2018)


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