Reading Recap: May 2019

May2019RR.pngI think I’ve found myself in another reading slump. I keep starting books, but not finishing them. And there was a ton of unrelated excitement in May (hello, Nebulas 2019). My goodreads currently reading is a bit of a mess, but I managed to get some reads in.

Read Cover-to-Cover in May


The Ragged Blade

What I Learned: Balancing Dual Timelines

Read an ARC received from NetGalley. Comes out June 2019. This book has many chapters and it’s because of the transitions between the past and the present. Every time we’re introduced to a new concept or place, there’s a brilliantly introduced flashback which grounds it in Richard and Ana’s escape from Richard’s ex. It’s pretty tightly woven and a good example of how flashbacks can work. (An interview with the author will be posted on June 4th Australian time zone).


Wonder Woman: Warbringer

What I Learned: Playing with IP

Read an ARC lent to me by a friend. This was a fun read. I really liked the characters and the adventure. Definitely a unique piece of media tie-in, even though I couldn’t get the image of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman out of my head, even though the hero is seventeen in this work.




What I Learned: Returning to Old Favorites

I loved Tim Curry’s narration of this childhood favorite. There were so many details I forgot from the original, like how the Old Kingdom straddles England and how old Sabriel was. It was such a delight that this read holds up.


Song of Achilles

What I Learned: Distractions

I really wanted to love this book as much as several people around me seemed to. What didn’t work for me was how distracting the portrayal of the female characters was in this work. The romance worked for me, but it didn’t need quite so many villains.

Did Not Finish


Black Leopard, Red Wolf

What I Learned: My Limits as a Reader

This book had very high praise, but there were elements that were just too much for me. I’m glad it found its audience, but regrettably, I am not a part of it.

June is my birthday month, Pride month, Bookcon 2019, and ALA AC 2019. The so-much never ends.

Happy reading,

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