Review: SORCERY OF THORNS by Margaret Rogerson (2019)

Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Young adult fantasy
Year Release: 2019
Source: Library audiobook

Listened to the audiobook

Sorceries, demons, and libraries coming alive, oh my. Rogerson has provided another fantastic fantasy novel featuring a driven heroine and a smarmy love interest. Elisabeth wants to serve to great libraries but uncovered a conspiracy that has her working with disgraced sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn and his very good demon companion Silas. There’s demonic summonings and a love of books galore.

I really loved all the main characters. This trio had such an excellent dynamic. My personal favorite was Silas. So wise, so benevolent, but the narrative never makes you forget that he is a demon. The love Nathaniel has and the love which Elisabeth develops felt so natural in the progression of the story. There’s such a great relationship among all three them. In addition, Rogerson has a deft hand at actually describing the magic. It’s cinematic and visceral and wraps the reader in all five senses.

That all being said, the ending seems a little unevenly paced. The resolution of so many feelings had me convinced the book was ending, but when I looked, I was actually at the 75% mark. The rest of it feels fairly rushed, but everything ties up neatly in a way that is satisfying to both the characters and the world conflict.

Perfect for people who love books, magic, and an anime called Black Butler.

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