Review: SPYING ON WHALES by Nick Pyenson (2018)

Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Adult Nonfiction
Year Release: 2018
Source: My own physical copy

Whales are my favorite animal. Majesty, ignorant of their vast majesty, a mammal that returned to the sea during their evolution, they are simply awe-inspiring. After reading the litany of incorrect whales fact that is Moby Dick last year, the time had finally come to learn something new.

Pyenson really draws into his own experiences as a paleontologist to contextualize discoveries about whales and presenting facts about their life cycles. What I loved most about the way information is presented is that it ties together into an overview of the past, present, and future, using each segment to support the others. In addition, Pyenson refrains from over-relying on the novelty of every new discovery. There is so much left to learn about them, and the vastness of the oceans doesn’t help.

A great overview about whales, their lives, and the ways humans made an impact on their ecosystems.


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