Review: FLOTSAM (Peridot Shift #1) by R.J. Theodore (2018)

Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Year Release: 2018
Source: Kindle copy

If you watched Treasure Planet as a kid and wanted to see the same energy  for adults in book form, Flotsam will be right up your alley. Captain Talis takes on a mysterious contract to make sure her crew can eat and survive, but this requisition of a ring opens up an entire can of worms that includes aliens and maybe even killing some gods.

The pacing of this book is so fun. The line from skyward treasure hunt to saving the world goes on some amazing curves. There is enough space between the big action set pieces so that we can really get to know the characters (Sophie is my personal favorite). Speaking of the action, there is a fantastic split between airships and close-quarters encounters. Though most of it takes place in the sky, it has the same familiarity as sea battles in other books.

That’s what makes this book work so well: the leaning into genre conventions of fantasy and space opera in ways where neither outshines the other. Theodore introduces enough magic to ground this piece as a fantasy, with enough technology to add unique bits of world-building. The ship even becomes a character on its own.

Great for folks who like queer characters, airships, pirates, coffee, quests, and encounters of an alien and god kind.


3 thoughts on “Review: FLOTSAM (Peridot Shift #1) by R.J. Theodore (2018)

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