ARC Review: CINDERS OF YESTERDAY (Legacy of Shadows #1) by Jen Karner (2021)

Genre: Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Year Release: June 2021
Buy Links: Barnes & Noble | Indiebound (Audiobook)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Content warning: trauma, parental death, house fires, fantasy violence, psychiatric hospital, immolation

A necromancer named Spectre killed Dani Black’s partner and the hunter is out for revenge. He also haunts Emilie Lockgrove, a medium with repressed memories and a whole bunch of family trauma to unpack. They come together in Dawson, Maryland, in search of a blade and a way to kill the necromancer once and for all.

Smooth as a knife’s edge and just as sharp, an exciting and sapphic new entry into the paranormal genre with plenty of scary monsters to go around.

An interview with author Jen Karner will be up on June 29th, 2021 (release day).

The contemporary world-building of talented, casters, and sentinels stays so true to genre and tropes, while also holding its own ground. From start to finish, the factional tensions take center stage in ways that feel fresh and familiar. It’s a lot of fun, especially during the action set pieces and the eerie scenes which stand firmly within the horror genre in fantastically spooky and unnerving ways.

Dani has a quick mouth on her, but as the story goes on, a vulnerability shines through as she and Emilie get closer. Their dynamic is so spikey at first, but it makes sense. They both have deep damage to work through. What I loved is that though they both need each other to survive the deadly encounters with Spectre, healing comes from within. It’s beautifully done and swoon-worthy until the very end.

I had the incredible privilege of following this book through all phases of its development. I am immensely proud of Jen and the atmospheric, mystical world of magic and otherworldly that they have pulled off here. The world-building is crisp, and the chemistry between Dani and Emilie is the most electric its been.

I’m so excited for others to get to experience this book that is equal parts a sapphic fix-it fic of and a love letter to Supernatural.

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