Manga Review: MISS KOBAYASHI’S DRAGON MAID Volumes 1-4 by coolkyousinnjya (2016-2017)

Genre: Fantasy Slice-of-Life Seinen
Year Release in English: 2016-2917

Reminder: The star rating reflects overall opinion of the series.

An absolutely adorable slice-of-life series about an office worker who drunkenly and unwittingly invites a dragon girl back to her house to work as her maid. I love the balance between a greater plot happening in the background with more everyday silliness as a dragon girl learns to be a human girl.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Miss Kobayashi wakes up after a night of drinking to find a dragon in the form of a human girl, Tohru, delighted to be her maid. Confused, she ultimately warms up to the arrangement.

The lesbians are so clueless in this own on multiple fronts. Tohru is in love with Miss Kobayashi, though the human has no clue whatsoever. Tohru also has a lot to learn about being human, including things like commutes, cars, cooking, and more.

Most of the humor here comes from mutually different understandings of the other’s world. The chasm of knowledge here sets itself up for so many good jokes. I know that there will be more dragons, and I can’t wait.

The second volume introduces a few more dragons. There are more misunderstandings and opportunities for them to interact with the other humans in Kobayashi’s life.

There is a moment of stress in this volume when Tohru’s father appears from the dragon dimension to take her back home. Tohru doesn’t want to, and it’s super heartwarming to see Kobayashi stand up for her new friend slash live-in girlfriend.

The volume isn’t all stress and sadness. There’s a delightful interlude where they go to a comic con, the dragons learn what desk work is, and Kanna goes to elementary school.

I thought Tohru not knowing anything made for the best moments. But in this volume, the unfettered jealousy makes for some ridiculous situations. The box lunch battle had me in stitches as did the dodgeball tournament. It’s really soothing to watch these interactions as they unfold in their absurdity.

Elma going to work is so ridiculous. The girl knows absolutely nothing, but the growth curve of settling in to her new role played really well with the rest of the tone. Plus it’s a neat way to establish the tenacity of dragons.

There are so many more feelings in this volume that the previous ones. Iruru arrives on the scene to cause a war between Kobayashi and Tohru as an extension of the war happening in the dragon dimension. It’s complex and another neat example of world-building.

I will warn that there is a chapter in which Kobayashi gets a magical penis (in terms of any kind of gender exploration, there is none, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, that’s your warning). The understandings of gender and sexuality feel a bit outdated, which is a bit of a damper on an otherwise interesting introduction of Iruru.

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