Manga Review: MIERUKO-CHAN Vol. 3 & 4 by Tomoki Izumi (2021)

Genre: Slice-of-Life Horror
Year Release in English: 2021

Reminder: The star rating reflects overall opinion of the series.

For some reason, I never rated Volume 3. Anyway, this continues to be a consistent delight. The ghosts are just getting scarier, the plot is starting to take shape, and the greater world of spiritualists unfolds.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Content warning: Body horror, child abuse, car accident

This has to be my favorite volume so far. Despite being a slice-of-life, this series really shines when it tells one consistent story from start to finish.

We follow Zen, a new student with a dark past involving an overbearing mother who didn’t allow him to experience childhood joys like friends and pets. He’s haunted by possibly the grossest creature Miko’s seen yet.

It’s heartfelt, it’s grounded. The way it presents moving on healing is also particularly effective. If you’re a fan of cats, there are moments that are a bit grisly, but ultimately it’s a happy ending.

Except for the part when Miko uses up her three wishes. That’s stress-inducing.

Content warnings: Body horror

If you’re wondering what happened to the godmother, you’re in for a treat. She tries to screw off to the countryside, but a mailing of the selfie from volume 2 clues her into Miko being more powerful than she’s aware.

There’s a tenderness between the two women in a mentor-mentee relationship that I haven’t seen yet. Miko wants to feel less alone. The godmother wants to provide that comfort to her, even though she doesn’t quite understand.

What I’m majorly side-eying in anticipation is how the YouTube magician will come into play. He’s such a wild card with his own abilities. The way technology comes into play in showing off the zeitgeist’s awareness of ghosts and ghouls really worked for me. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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