See Jo at DisCon III

Hi there! From December 15th through December 19th, I’ll be at DisCon III. It’s also known as Worldcon, or the World Science Fiction Convention, is the annual gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans, writers, artists, musicians and other creators from across the globe. I’ll be moderating a panel for the first time and participating in another one.

Are you attending? Do you have any tips and tricks for attending in real life for the first time? Let me know in the comments or tweet at me.

The Panels

What Makes a Shōnen Juggernaut?

Thursday 12/16 – Diplomat Ballroom, 10:00 pm EST
The Shōnen manga formula goes something like this: take relatable underdog characters marketed towards teenage boys, add melodramatic themes of friendship, loyalty, loss, and struggle plus some cool fights, and sprinkle with redemption arcs, coming-of-age conflicts, and character deaths to taste. What makes certain titles iconic or commercially successful? How do Shōnen stories distinguish themselves from Western coming-of-age narratives like Harry Potter or A Wrinkle in Time?

Jo Ladzinski (mod, me); J.T. Greathouse; Haruna Ikezawa; Ira Alexandre

Queering Necromancy

Friday 12/17 – Forum Room, 1:00 pm EST
The intersection of queerness and necromancy has cropped up several times in recent years. Is there something about defying heteronormativity that resonates with these themes? What inspiration can we draw from such works that challenge genre conventions?

Jenn Lyons (mod); Kel Coleman; K.A. Doore; dave ring; Jenn Lyons; LP Kindred; Jo Ladzinski (me)

Check out the full schedule of signings, kaffeeklatsches, panels, and more here.

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