January 2022 Reading Recap

Happy New Year from me and my very strange perception of time. January felt very long, and it’s only barely almost over. What also doesn’t help is that my goals for the year are still quite nebulous aside from the reading goals and fitness goals. Which is fine, really. Time has been strange since March 2020, and I’m sorry to remind you how far away that date is.

Anyway, here is what I read this fine January! There has also been one blog interview:


  • Base Notes by Lara Elene Donnelly (adult, thriller, queer)
    • Perfumist who murders
    • Very heady with intricate prose
    • Author interview on 2/3/2022
  • Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves by Meg Long (young adult, science fiction)
    • Girls steals and takes care of a wolf in an off-planet iditarod race
    • Really fun, no romance to be found
  • Echo by Thomas Olde Heuvelt (adult, horror)
    • Man’s boyfriend comes back from a freak mountain accident with something even worse
    • Scary in many ways with nods to horror classics
  • Flotsam (Peridot Shift #1) by R.J. Theodore(adult, science fantasy, queer)
    • Treasure Planet for an adult audience
    • Re-release of a previous read with an elevation in prose
    • Author interview on 2/1/2022
  • Light Years from Home by Mike Chen (adult, science fiction)
    • Sisters have different ways of processing their brother’s return after 15 years
    • Is it aliens? It’s definitely aliens
  • One Hand to Hold, One Hand to Carve by M. Shaw (adult, new weird horror)
    • A cadaver wakes up as two individual halves
    • Surreal and very dreamlike
    • Author interview on 4/1/2022
  • Unmask Alice: LSD, Satanic Panic, and the Imposter Behind the World’s Most Notorious Diaries by Rick Emerson (non-fiction, adult)
    • The true story behind the Go Ask Alice “memoir” people remember from either grade school or the 70s when it came out
    • A wild ride from start to finish


  • Road of Bones by Christopher Golden (adult, horror)
    • Road trip across Siberia on a highway literally built of bodies
    • Chilly and spooky; things both real and supernatural have it out for the main characters

Physical Copy

Kindle Read

  • Party Favors (So Over the Holidays #4) by Erin McLellan (adult, romance)
    • Two internet friends meet in real life for the first time at a New Year’s Eve getaway
    • As sweet as it is hot, and it is very hot


  • Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Full series) by Yuji Kaku (2018-2021, shonen, historical dark fantasy)
    • Convicts and samurai are sent to an island where the only people to return are made into plant corpses
    • My new favorite thing
    • Perfect if you like Claymore, which I very much do

3 thoughts on “January 2022 Reading Recap

  1. Wow.. You’ve been busy! I can’t wait to get my hands on Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves, it’s a must read for me. And I don’t know how I’ve never come across Hells Paradise but now? I’m going to have to get ahold of it.. that artwork is killer!
    Thanks for sharing!


    • It’s so fun!! I can’t wait for you to read it also.

      Hell’s Paradise came up on a bunch of “best manga you haven’t read” lists so it’s been on my radar. But then I saw the trailer for the anime adaptation, and basically binged the entire thing in two weeks. It’s my new fave.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! I’ve heard only good things so I’m really excited about it!

        Omgosh, lol, it’s great when that happens.. I’ll definitely be trying to get ahold of now!


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