May 2022 Reading Recap

My May goals were fairly modest: get new glasses, start the process of renewing my passport, and continue working on the revision. I did all that! And I worked out 3-4 times a week, and I feel like things are steadily trucking along. I think I can finally listen to audiobooks again, and I super missed it.

There was an author interview practically every week. Take a look:

June is my birthday month! And my goal there is to catch up on my reading goal (I’m 4 books behind), especially since I’m traveling at the end of the month.


  • Dead End Girls by Wendy Heard (young adult, thriller)
    • Be gay, do crime by faking your death to escape your family
    • Surprisingly tender, especially in the way the book handles Frankie and Maud’s backstories
  • Hell Followed With Us by Andrew Joseph White (young adult, horror)
    • A trans boy is being turned into a literal monster due to medical experimentation by an eco-fascist, Christian cult
    • Body horror and gore galore
    • Forthcoming author interview on 6/9/2022
  • Inheritors by Asako Serizawa (adult, historical fiction)
    • An intergenerational story about imperialism, trauma, and cycles of violence from colonial Japan going into the future
    • Reads more like an oral history than fiction in the best way
  • Primal Animals by Julia Lynn Rumor (YA, horror)
    • A sapphic horror taking place at a summer camp that harbors its own cult (the cult is not the camp itself, to be clear)
    • The fantastic anxiety rep might be hindering the horror aspects as it’s hard to discern plot danger from the things the main character fears
  • Siren Queen by Nghi Vo (adult, historical fantasy)
    • All the glitz, glam, and grime of old Hollywood with elements of fae rules as Luli Wei makes her way to stardom
    • One of my favorite things is names as currency and leverage and oh boy, is it plot relevant in this one
  • These Prisoning Hills by Christopher Rowe (adult, science fiction)
    • The Southeast US had been taken over by a rogue AI, overthrown, but one of the automatons had woken up
    • A great worldbuilding exercise starring a middle-aged woman


  • The Memory Librarian And Other Stories of Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe (adult, science fiction, 2022)
    • Five stories about community and humanity in a world where people’s memories are a currency and fighting back doesn’t always look like big set pieces (though it can!)
    • Incredible characters, queer as fuck, and superb world-building that keeps humanity at its core
  • The Resting Place by Camilla Sten (adult, thriller, 2022)
    • A woman with faceblindness has to settle her grandmother slash surrogate mother’s estate but things go awry
    • Compelling past that weaves neatly into the present that also covers the topics of power imbalances between servants and their employers
  • Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases by Paul Holes (adult, true crime, 2022)
    • Paul Holes is famous for catching the East Area Rapist aka The Golden State Killer
    • An introspective memoir that also examines anxiety, introversion, and PTSD

Physical Copy

  • The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas (adult, horror 2022)
    • A Book of the Month selection
    • In 1800’s Mexico, a young woman seeks autonomy in marriage and gets a horribly haunted house instead
    • There’s a priest who’s also a witch, examinations of privilege, politics, and evil men who experience consequences

Light Novels

  • The Holy Grail of Eris Vol. 1 by Kujira Tokiwa & Yunagi (supernatural secondary-world fantasy, 2022 )
    • A young noblewoman is haunted by another young noblewoman who wants revenge for her execution
    • Large cast with interesting international and national politics


  • Can’t Stop Cursing You Vol. 3 by Kensuke Koba & Natsuko Uruma (horror shonen, 2022)
    • The edgy nonsense continues with a school-wide, deadly game of tag
    • I really liked the character development and twists in this volume
  • Colorless Vol. 1 by KENT (science fiction seinen, 2022)
    • A solar flare knocked out all the colors and replaced it with monstrosity
    • Interesting art and the wiped memory trope
  • Made in Abyss Vol. 10 by Akihito Tsukushi (dark fantasy seinen, 2022)
    • The Hollow Village arc finally comes to an end
    • Riko gains a new friend and traveling company, but holy shit at what cost

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