Manga Review: DICK FIGHT ISLAND Vol. 1 by Reibun Ike (2021)

Genre: Fantasy Josei
Year Release in English: 2021
Source: Physical Copy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Content warnings: Dubious consent with lots of male sexuality on display

This over-the-top sexual fantasy story has chosen warriors from various clans vying for the spot of king in a tournament where whoever comes first loses.

The lads who are signed up for this are so enthusiastic about participating and giving sexual pleasure to their opponent. One of them, Harto, returns from studying abroad with a new technique that’s destined to decimate his enemies. But he also has a secret that might disqualify him. There’s tenderness and so much mutual respect as warriors and interesting powers that verge on magic. It’s so earnest, and the characterizations are top notch. My personal favorite is Vampir, but that’s because I’m predictable.

The art is high quality and the variety of dicks is delightful. Each one has elaborate armor that comes off during the battle. If you want to squeal in the delight that is the absurdity of a political system that revolves around orgasms, this one is for you.

2 thoughts on “Manga Review: DICK FIGHT ISLAND Vol. 1 by Reibun Ike (2021)

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