Manga Review: DICK FIGHT ISLAND Vol. 2 by Reibun Ike (2022)

Genre: Fantasy Josei
Year Release in English: 2022
Source: Physical Copy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review of Volume 1 can be found here
Content warnings: Dubious consent with lots of male sexuality on display; fantasy prejudice

The second half of the story of Pulau’s political system of having a coming tournament every four years focuses on the relationships between its chosens and the origins of the Great Wyrm Tournament. It’s earnest, it’s sexy, and there are so many men in love with other men.

We get the full introduction to Harto and his lover, Matthew, who were roommates in college. They got along as more than just students, with Harto telling Matthew about his culture to comedic and earnest effect. The way their relationship develops is swoony and romantic.

Then we cut to others who also had chance encounters connected to some loosely developed mythology. Bulan had been saved by a stag that loosely reminds him of Roro, and years later, the two get stuck in a snowstorm and there’s only one bed. Another couple are gifted a whole lot of lube to improve their “technique.” There’s even a wedding. It’s a wonderful snapshot of different types of relationships, and, honestly, this had me smiling and flailing from cover to cover.

Very fluffy, raunchy, and full of gay earnestness.


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