#NaNoPlotMo: My Alternative Project Plan for NaNoWriMo

#NaNoPlotMoBlooming Love Promo.pngIt is November. A month of holiday lead-up, Halloween (and quite possibly autumn) are over, and the writing sprints of NaNoWriMo begin. As someone who completed two novels this year, the idea of writing 50,000 words again exhausts me. Therefore, I’m playing my own game: #NaNoPlotMo, or National Novel Plotting Month.

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Writing Tip: Take a Retreat


For whatever reason, my to-do post came up blank. Anyway, for spring break from graduate school, I went to Portland, OR for 9 days to get back into writing. Here is an overview of what I did while I was there and why it was so necessary. Continue reading

How To (Re)write: Backspace is Your Friend


Deleting words is just as important as writing them. When you’re trying to hit that desired 50,000, 75,000, 100,000 or whatever word count, you’re not focused on things to keep and get rid of. I have two tips on how to get rid of excess words. One takes work, the other is self-explanatory.

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Music of the Write: Top 3 8Tracks

Originally, I was going to make my last post of 2015 a retrospective or a list of resolutions. But no one needs to know about the conferences, conventions, and workshops I attended and no one needs to hear about how I’m employed now. So, I decided to do a regular post on my top 3 8tracks playlists for getting words on sheets. Click the images to get to the playlists.

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Drawing: Writing Isn’t Just Writing

I sent off my manuscript to some agents so I’m taking the liberty of taking time to work on hobbies I’ve neglected. It just so happens that drawing is one of those things. I had been into art since I was a little Jo and it’s nice to get back into it a bit. That’s not to say writing isn’t art, but you can’t hang writing on a fridge to admire later. And the improvement curve isn’t necessarily as obvious.

i like drawing

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Spooky Scary: On Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes

Title page

I saw this tweet the other day that replaces all the adjectives in H.P. Lovecraft with the word “spooky.” I then saw another tweet that removed all the adjectives, adverbs, and similes altogether. Let’s do a quick exploration. It’s also October so talking about spooky things is totally in right now.

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