When I was still living in New York City, I was a member of the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, looking to expand my portfolio when it comes to doing marketing and publicity. Two years and a master’s degree later, I’m back helping them out for Season 2, which launched on July 10th, 2018. New episodes come every Tuesday! Follow along on Twitter with #KaleidocastS2 and catch up on past episodes here.

Kaleidocast: Where fantasy, horror, sci-fi and the just plain weird come together in a Brooklyn fractured into multiple speculative storyscapes. Kaleidocast is a unique podcast that will showcase the full spectrum of what speculative fiction has to offer, from Brooklyn and beyond. These stories come from across all genres and sub-genres, including, but not limited to, magical realism, surrealist stories, urban fantasy, slipstream, steampunk, supernatural horror, and everything in between.

Produced by the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers.