November 2020 Reading Recap

In November, I attempted NaNoWriMo, and I did not win. Which is fine. Work was wild. I’m not on any contractual deadline. I read a lot, but I feel like this month had more duds in it than usual. It happens.

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Review: A MONSTROUS LOVE: A F/F Anthology by Magen Cubed (2020)

Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Adult Horror Erotica
Year Release: 2019
Source: Books2Read

Content warnings: Blood play, cannibalism

A collection of shorts of women who love women bathed in a horror aesthetic. There’s something for everyone here: demons, vampires, cannibals, ghosts, all perfect for that Halloween-y flair.

Of the four shorts, I think “Hunger in Bondage” was my favorite, mostly because I enjoyed the way Cubed subverted expectations by making the vampire be the sub. The flirtation and seduction are excellent from start to finish, a brief delight to keep spooky season living on for a few days more.