Author to Author with Jason Sanford

If you’re looking for rad world-building, a meticulous blend of science fiction and fantasy, and compelling characters, look no further than Plague Birds. To save her village, Crista becomes a plague bird, a powerful justiciar whose blood-bound to an AI. While there are conspiracies galore, the real danger hits much closer to home than initially anticipated.

A week before release, I’m excited to have author Jason Sanford visit the blog to talk about the origins of this intense story, his publishing journey, and what we can look forward to next.

The novel comes out on September 21, 2021
Buy Links: Apex Book Company | Bookshop

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ARC Review: PLAGUE BIRDS by Jason Sanford (2021)

Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy
Year Release: September 21, 2021
Buy Links: Apex Book Company | Bookshop

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Content warning: blood, gore, body horror, self-harm for the purposes of magic, gaslighting, violence

You’ve heard of plague doctors, get ready for plague birds. Plague birds are people bonded with blood AI who exact justice by killing the wrong doer. They are very powerful and very feared. Crista bonds herself to one named Red Day and embarks on a journey to attempt to save her village from a rogue faction called the Veil. There are twists and turns and memory manipulation galore, while the real danger might be coming from inside the metaphorical house.

Deftly toeing the line between dark fantasy and science fiction, this book is perfect for those wanting to read compelling characters with science and technology that feels like magic.

The author Jason Sanford will be featured on the blog in an interview on September 14th, 2021.

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