Drawing: Writing Isn’t Just Writing

I sent off my manuscript to some agents so I’m taking the liberty of taking time to work on hobbies I’ve neglected. It just so happens that drawing is one of those things. I had been into art since I was a little Jo and it’s nice to get back into it a bit. That’s not to say writing isn’t art, but you can’t hang writing on a fridge to admire later. And the improvement curve isn’t necessarily as obvious.

i like drawing

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Red Shirts: Help, I Just Killed Thirty People in One Chapter

Your fantasy novel sucks if no one dies. There, I said it. Someone has to die for a story to be a great adventure. It can be as personal as The Hobbit or just a wanton massacre of side folks like A Song of Ice and Fire. Someone’s gotta die and I just got a little bit of literary trigger happiness and killed 30 in one chapter.

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