May 2023 Reading Recap

Apologies for the delay in posting this recap. Life stuff came up once again, and my laptop is going into maintenance tomorrow, hence the big “last week of the term” vibes here on the blog. I read a satisfying assortment of things, mostly horror because that seems to be the mood I’m in.

Since I’m a published author now, I will no longer be linking to reviews less than four stars. I will mention that I read the work, but otherwise, the review is for me and me alone.

Here are the posts made in May:

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Author to Author with Sarena Ulibarri (Another Life)

Happy release day to Another Life by Sareena Ulibarri, a piece of solarpunk climate fiction about Otra Vida, a post-capitalist society that offers a way of life and governance that’s more egalitarian than the previous version of the world. It’s a novella grappling with past lives and offers a compassionate and forgiving approach to working through the sins of humanity’s past and how personal mistakes don’t necessarily doom the present.

I’m excited to have Sarena on the blog to talk about how this novel turned into a novella, what she’s working on next, and how slush reading influenced her approach to her own work.

Buy Link: Stelliform Press

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