April 2020 Reading Recap


Good-bye April, the shortest month this year. I have gone through a lot of sudden changes, but there are always more books to read. I even discovered two new favorites this month, which feels exciting.

This month, I also interviewed Aleksandra Ross to celebrate the release of her debut novel, Don’t Call the Wolf and I had outlined a plan to improve my craft. I will be saving the craft reads for their own post.

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Review: THE GIRL FROM BLIND RIVER by Gale Massey (2018)

Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Adult Crime Thriller
Year Release: 2018
Source: Library audiobook

Listened to the audiobook

In Blind River, New York, the Elders clan has a terrible reputation of being thieves and conmen. Nineteen-year-old Jamie Elders wants something more for her than the dead ends all around. She thought online poker was a way to break out of her uncle Loyal’s toxic circle of fellow gamblers, but the government shuts down the sites she played on and she owes Loyal big time. The perfect opportunity comes when Loyal and one of his associates have to cover up a murder.

I loved how multi-dimensional all the characters were, from feisty Jamie to her traumatized younger brother Toby to Loyal and his dubious motives. Gray morality reigns in this story that’s ultimately about surviving and the choices people make to make it to the next day. Massey layers together a story that isn’t just about covering up a murder and illegal poker rings. She deftly touches upon cycles of poverty and the ways people try to cope while keeping their own safe.. The most fascinating plot to me was Phoebe Elders’, the mother of Jamie and Toby. The tension of wanting to protect herself and the call of motherhood while dealing with the loss of a husband felt like the line keeping the rest of the story in place.

The crime and detective work aspects were engaging as well, but the book offers no easy answers to what the correct solutions are to unravel all the predicaments and situations affecting our characters. A fast-paced, compelling crime thriller about small town life.