February 2022 Reading Recap

February is a month where I largely took off from writing my own fiction in preparation for Futurescapes this weekend. Like, I dabbled a bit, mostly played video games. Still did some reading. I finally can go back to listening to audiobooks, which is great for my brain buzz.

Here is a round up of my February reads. I got to interview two fabulous authors to kick off the month:

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Manga Review: CAT MASSAGE THERAPY Vol. 1 by Haru Hisakawa (2021)

Genre: Slice-of-life comedy josei
Year Release in English: 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nekoyama decides to go to a massage parlor and discovers that it’s actually run by a cat. His magnificent toe beans leave quite the impression, and eventually the entire neighborhood finds out, including several local offices.

There’s not much to say about this one aside from the fact that it is absolutely adorable. There’s the cat massage manager whose toe beans can be touched on the embossed hard cover. He has three itty bitty kitty trainees who exude warmth and cuteness.

The full-color art is precious, the expressions priceless, and absolutely nothing bad happens to anyone involved. Well, except for when the meowsseur needs to take a vacation due to being overwhelmed by the popularity of in-office visits.