July 2020 Reading Recap


I hit my goal of reading 100 books in July! Which sounds absurd, but between Animal Crossing, unemployment, and ongoing lockdowns, there is so much reading to be done (television, for whatever reason, cannot hold my attention).

This month, I did two blog interviews:

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Review: THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley (2020)

Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Adult Thriller
Year Release: 2020
Source: Library Audiobook

Listened to the audiobook
Trigger warnings: self-harm, emetophobia, revenge porn (mentions), suicide, blood, drug use

Weddings bring people together who haven’t talked in a while. It can also bring together people who have unexpected connections. And then a murder happens and anyone could be a suspect.

I really enjoyed the tight web of connections Foley had woven together, from the bride to the wedding planner to the plus one to the best man to the bridesmaid. If you’re a fan of the subgenre of rich people shenanigans and intricate family drama, this book hits all those buttons. As it went on, the tension became less about who got murdered and why, to “wow, I hope all those involved find the help and healing they need.”

The ending is super satisfying and makes the suggestion of healing for many of the character. The sense of catharsis was incredible and really lifted my spirits, despite the harrowing road to get there.

A must-read a fan for murder mysteries, taking justice into your own hands, and tensions reminiscent of HBO’s Succession.