International Women’s Day: Five Badass Ladies in SF/F

IWD2016It’s International Women’s Day and I wanted to draw some attention to five women and girls that I met in recent reads. They’re pretty different from each other and I wanted to compile them into a helpful list for fellow female-lead story writers such as myself to draw inspiration from. From women who can rule the world to kids looking for companionship, this list has some of it all.

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On Blood Magic

blood magic title cardI’ve just finished playing Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II and reading A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. Both books tackle the idea of having blood magic, which gives me food for thought as I develop the seven main magical systems in my work.

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Three Types of Elves

Title BannerAnyone who’s ever read or seen any work of fantasy has heard of an elf. But there seem to be three different types of elves that appear ubiquitous throughout lore. From high fantasy like Lord of the Rings to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream to Santa’s little helpers, elves seem all over the place. There seem to be three basic categories: The Sprite, The Gnome, and The Human-like. In my own work, I’m looking to craft my own new definition of an elf. To do so, it is almost essential to revisit and explore the basics before trying to create something new.

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