Author to Author with Juliet Kemp

The Marek series is about the eponymous city-state whose magic flows through a contract with a being known as the cityangel. From an attempted coup to a demon on the run to a civil war, there is no shortage of intense set pieces, tender character moments, big magic, and other epic fantasy delights.

I’m thrilled to host Juliet Kemp on the blog to celebrate the paperback release of The Rising Flood. They talk about putting the series together, the inspiration behind the world, and what they’re working on next.

Buy Link: Elsewhen Press

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Writing is Hard Part 5: On Anxiety


Anxiety is a vicious thing. Something is wrong, but the fear’s cause is unknown. Sometimes, it’s jealousy-fueled nervousness. Sometimes, it’s crippling self-doubt. Most times, it’s nothing. With my prior lack of proper coping mechanisms, my reaction to the onset of nerves was to just work. And work. And work. Until I’d be crying, wondering why I’m not anywhere I want to be, motivation replaced by complete exhaustion.

And then, I sought help.

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Writing is Hard 4: Rewriting Hell


Made by the incredible Rey Noble (@reylikescats)

Thieves Project is the work in which, I think, I saw myself for the first time in my own writing. And parts of the plot simply didn’t work in the way I wanted them to, so I took it upon myself to do a rewrite. Because I’m always at a lack of resources, this is a post for pre-revisions me. Here is the action plan I took which brought a book down from 112,000 words to 89,000 words.

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