Writing Tip: Take a Retreat


For whatever reason, my to-do post came up blank. Anyway, for spring break from graduate school, I went to Portland, OR for 9 days to get back into writing. Here is an overview of what I did while I was there and why it was so necessary. Continue reading


Packing Up & Shipping Out

packingupheaderLabor Day weekend 2016, I took a big step in my personal and professional development: I moved (temporarily) out of my parents’ house to pursue a master’s degree in marketing at Northwestern. It’s a huge adjustment!

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The Weather Outside is Frightful: Writing Weather

weather outside is frightful 1

Where I am in my story, weather doesn’t play a huge factor. I use phrases like “biting cold,” “oppressive humidity,” and “sunny” to get an atmosphere going. After this weekend’s Winter Storm Jonas, it gave me fuel for thought as my characters do more traveling as the tale goes. Here are some tips for navigating the weather of your realm.

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The Hunt for Inspiration: Travel

Travel is the only thing

I have been gone for the past two weeks, gallivanting across Eastern Europe, from Hungary, to Austria, to Slovakia, to the Czech Republic, and to Poland. And then spending another week playing work catch-up, editing, and getting over some serious jet lag. These places are so steeped in medieval lore and the perfect breeding ground for inspiration. Travel enriches the person, but it also can enrich the writing experience. Here are some revelations I had while abroad.

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