Trio Review: The Marek Series by Juliet Kemp (2018-2021)

From left to right, all by Juliet Kemp: The Deep and Shining Dark (2018); Shadow and Storm (2020); The Rising Flood (2021)

Genre: Queer Adult Fantasy
Year Release: 2018-2021
Buy Links: Elsewhen Press

I basically read this trilogy in one sitting. In the city-state of Marek, magic is siphoned through a contract with a being called the cityangel. In the land of Teren, however, it’s done by blood-letting and demon contracts. The series focuses on Marek and its ragtag team of sorcerers and governmental officials. In the first book, there’s a plot to destabilize the government by replacing the cityangel. In the second, there’s a demon on the loose for multiply nefarious plans. And in the third, both magical and political conflicts come to a stressful head. Overall, the politics within Marek and Teren are intricate with a clear sense of morals, values, and compromises. The journeys these characters go on as it relates to the past and, more evocatively, with their parents, tug at the heartstrings. The magic is awesome and these characters will stick with me for a long time.

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Note: I had read free copies provided by the author, Juliet Kemp

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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